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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that sets out your wishes for the distribution of your home and assets following your death. It is also a document that can provide for legal guardians of minor children (ie children under 18 years of age).

Many individuals and families often do not appreciate the full extent of matters requiring their consideration when making a Will. Anyone undertaking a Will ought to have advice from a solicitor on the options available. This also ensures that the Will is carefully and properly prepared and signed off, and that it is legally valid.

1. How can I structure my Will to ensure that my share of my home and assets passes to my children on my wife’s death? Can I protect them from any change in her circumstances after my death?

2. Who should I choose as Executors and guardians and what do those roles involve in practice?

3. My wife and I own assets greater than the Inheritance Tax (IHT) threshold (currently £325,000). How can we implement IHT planning within our Wills?

4. How can we structure our Wills to protect our estate from being used up by nursing and care fees?

5. How can we pass our assets to our children to avoid potential claims from their spouses on a divorce or from others claiming against their assets?

6. What are the usual substitute provisions put into Wills in the event that our primary beneficiaries die before us?

7. How are funeral provisions and wishes usually dealt with in Wills?

8. How would our Wills be administered if your firm was appointed to act as Executors or if you were asked by our family to administer our Estate? What are the current Probate procedures and costs?

9. Overall, how can we ensure the Will is correctly drawn up, certify its validity and ensure that all of the legal necessities as to capacity, knowledge and understanding of what is being carried out are formally covered?

Will (non trust) £245 +VAT per person
Codicil / straightforward Will amendment £150 +VAT per person
Will with Discretionary Trust or Life Interest Trust £445 +VAT per person
Will with Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust and Flexible Life Interest Trust of Residue £745 +VAT per person

Our charges cover all the following:

1. Our time spent in advising you on the options available at an initial meeting and our time at the second (signing) meeting.

2. Taking your details and instructions for your Will.

3. Our expertise in advising on the options for best structure.

4. Preparing the legal Will document itself.

5. Preparing a full recorded note on our file of the advice and instructions.

6. Witnessing your signature at our offices on the final Will document and providing you with copies.

Any separate time spent at your instruction outside of our two meetings in advising on issues or taxation is charged separately.

We will ensure at your first meeting or discussion that our costs are confirmed before we proceed with any work.

Our team

We have team of lawyers with a wealth of experience in advising on all aspects of Wills. We explain the matters you need to consider and the options available to you to ensure that your Will reflects your last wishes. Experienced lawyers are available for appointments at all our office locations.

Jennifer Beaujeux FCILEx Chartered Legal Executive and Director. Head of Private Client Department

Johanna Knott BA SFE TEP Solicitor, member of STEP (the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners) and Solicitors for the Elderly

Elizabeth Leggett LLB Hons Solicitor

Lucy Pankhurst LLB Hons Solicitor

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