The Ministry of Justice reports increase in Employment Tribunal claims following the decision to abolish fees.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in July 2017 to abolish Employment Tribunal fees, there has been a significant increase in Employment Tribunal claims.

Statistics have been published by the Ministry of Justice which show the number of claims issued has risen by 90% between October and December 2017, compared to last year.

Employees can claim back any employment tribunal fees they have paid between July 2013 and July 2017, plus interest on those fees. The statistics show that since October 2017, the Employment Tribunal has issued refunds for fees paid on 4,800 applications made before July 2017.

This noticeable increase in claims will cause concern to employers, as disgruntled employees no longer face the financial barrier of tribunal fees when issuing a claim. Employers should be aware of the risks they take when dismissing employees and seek legal advice in advance of making those decisions.

Employment Tribunal claims can be issued for a variety of reasons and not just for dismissals. It is believed that most of the cases brought in the fourth quarter of 2017 were in respect of holiday pay. Employers should seek legal advice if they are unsure of any aspect of employees’ terms of employment to ensure their actions are compliant with minimum statutory requirements.

Implementing and reviewing employment policies and procedures will help protect your business and contribute to the overall culture of the workplace. We can help employers mitigate the risk of Employment Tribunal claims by ensuring you have relevant policies in place, such as equal opportunities, disciplinary and grievance policies.

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